School’s Out – Day 36

Beautifully sunny day, grass looks great and Dan wants to make masks. Cut out two template and made an origami diamond.

Many schools open again in support of the key workers. I hope the general public can support also and those that don’t practise social distancing start to. At the shop on Saturday a women clearly has no idea what 2m is or totally doesn’t believe in it. I find that more annoying than someone driving to Durham.

The updates aside, and timings, not a popular nor widely shared view maybe but the recent berating, bullying and double standards of Dominic Cummings is rather embarrassing. The guy travelled to a safer place to be near family to help. Where that was 2 miles or 267 is in my opinion, not major. The fact he did it is the point and one that in the grand scheme of things, so what. I am more annoyed with the fools that gather in groups in parks and make no effort to keep a distance. I saw a fair bit of that today on a short walk in Leicester. I’m more shocked to see the media, very clearly not keeping their distance to get the shot for the paper. The very same media mockers who attack, push, block and pester. Then there is the media in the garden of No 10 – how rude, aggressive and totally nasty! The bottom line is, regardless of position, the guy travelled a distance to be near family to help. Get over it and get on with the real issue of the pandemic. Forgive and forget or don’t ever dare make a mistake in your own life ever again.

I’m sure many will disagree with Mr Johnson’s batting off of the media in the briefing that followed. But it is getting boring now and to hear the same question that has been answered. We may not agree or like the answer, but an answer and seemingly final answer, it is.

Let’s move on and be together on the fight against the virus and getting back to normal. Or is the normal we want to get back to political arguments deterring for the real matters and negative news?

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