School’s Out – Day 37

An absolutely beautiful hot day. It would have been so much better with a swimming pool, ice-cream and a little breeze to get the kite off the floor. In lockdown at the moment, it is certainly those with larger gardens, pools and tubs of ice-cream that benefit. They are not however going to stop using them due to the majority of people not having such resources are they? #JustSaying!


A game I took to school today, was one I have not played for some time – boules. It was the child friendly version of plastic, water filled balls rather than the heavy metal silver ones that would break a toe. Interestingly, it was the youngest child who enjoyed the game most and played it more.

Even though it is officially a half term break, there are still children of key workers attending for child care and staff going in voluntarily to look after them. Plans for a return to school soon, being discussed and deliveries arriving, such as hand gel and digital thermometers.

These are very much extreme circumstances, preparing to welcome more children back with the pandemic that is. It is reassuring to see the charts with declining cases whilst more testing is taking place. It is nonetheless admirable that there are school staff carefully planning, plotting and checking what will happen; who goes where; and how school will be the best it can be whilst ensuring children are as safe as possible.

Giving into fear doesn’t keep you safe, it keeps you from trying, learning and succeeding.

Joe Tichio

Those that criticise and whip up fear should hang their heads in shame. It would be much better behaviour to support those planning in these times rather than distract the focus and whip up the fear.

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