School’s Out – Day 39

I am wondering whether the highlight of the day is the continual pestering by certain media people regarding Dominic Cummings towards Boris Johnson; and the brilliant response of the scientific advisors to not wanting to get into the politics – the idea of moving on for some is clearly far to difficult to comprehend. I do wonder if they are following all of the guidance to the letter themselves?

The announcement by Boris Johnson of being able to have outdoor gatherings of six, whilst still strictly social distancing, was very much welcomed. Now it is time to set up a booking form to sort out the three in our house with the three in another and the two grandparents. I have a feeling myself and Rich will be kicked out for a bit – quite funny. I do think that the steps are sensible, a step forward and hopeful. I am surprised though that the phone call for meets have not already started.

David Unsworth

The highlight however for me was speaking to the Everton legend that is David Unsworth. The call from came after Dan had walked his 118 journey from Leicester to Goodison Park, raising £1500 to date, for the NSPCC. I was, as far as I could tell, more excited than Dan. To be called by an ex-Everton player (and interim manager) and have a quick informal chat, was rather nice. A few weeks now and the football will be back on. Mr Unsworth was telling me he was back with the lads at training today – bit surreal having that conversation. Passing the phone onto Daniel though, I was wondering whether he realised who he was speaking to and the gratitude required. Dan said he did know and was really pleased.

Dan on the phone to David Unsworth

It was another hot day at school today but lots of fun had building a den. We are almost at the point of having more children returning on the 8th June and walking through plans today it seems pretty straightforward. The final plans and checks will take place early next week, as always, working with the team so it is a joint plan.

Went out for a run and managed 6km with just under 5 minute kilometres which is better than the last two runs I have done. The time of the day was perfect with a beautifully setting sun and not quite the searing temperatures of earlier.  

Anyway, keep doing the right things and stay safe. We are on the road towards getting some form of life back, beyond the lockdown and daily simplicity (although that should be treasured).  


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