School’s Out – Day 40

Another scorcher; another busy day of preparation; and another day of appreciating the world around us.

When I look back on the day, as I often do lately, I see my son and how he gets on so well with others. He really is not like me in the social way of it all. Despite my job, I am not the most sociable person. I am not really confident in the company of others and that may be a surprise to others. I speak, connect and do what is required because that is what I am paid to do. Please don’t confuse that with me being a miserable git who doesn’t care about others – I do. I just am not comfortable and confident, despite what it may appear to be.

Back to the point of the start of the previous paragraph… I am so pleased that Dan is the opposite. He appears so comfortable and confident and genuinely engaged and interested in the life of others. He gets on with them, includes them and seems to revel their company. When you observe from a distance, it is great to see.

Eight school weeks have now passed and you could add to that the two weeks of Easter (Day 50). Rewind 4 years and the team is very different. Thanks, gratitude, respect and bottoms up to you! That is what I would say, and do say, to the team that is today. We have ended another official holiday but the staff have come in; been present and delivered. I did hear that some media personal suggested schools were shut. Teachers should pick fruits from fields. Summer holidays for school staff should be cancelled and we all be whipped and made to work naked in the quarries. I am sure there are teachers far and wide recalling the days they taught these people and prophesied their absolute incompetence and future failure, despite their best efforts.

The best dressing room sign: ‘Expect nothing. Blame no one. Do something’.

Well, for many in the world of education, children return on Monday. I wish you well, genuinely. You are heroes and brave and doing some special stuff. Do it with pride and positivity as the children need you.

To all others doing what you should, thank you. We are not nearing the end of this but every day, we are a step closer.

Signing out for now and hopefully, recuperating.

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