Days Off

Blasting off and Bitten

Well done America and NASA for the successful launch of the Eagle – positive news and uplifting in a time of much negativity, hardship for many and future unknowns. It has been another glorious day which does however mean I need to water the plants in the garden. That’s where I will be once I have published this post.

sky space telescope universe

Much of this morning was spent checking over a risk assessment for school and updating the procedure for just about everything. It all makes sense, appears greatly cautious but realistic and if it were my child, reassuring. My view – what is yours?

Not really sure the image above is right for today’s launch but then again, Donald Trump’s waffle was not right either, so, carry on…

I am still sure that the children returning is the right thing to do, now. We have been in lockdown for almost three months and I can well imagine that there are so many families struggling financially and mentally. Being confined to a set space, what ever the size (within reason) is difficult. Many won’t agree but we do need to find a way to move forward. I have lost loved ones in the past and dealt with the harrowing grief of bereavement. That considered, it is still right and proper to look to get things going again. There were moans today about the announcement of football recommencing. Why complain – just appreciate for many, it is needed and the right thing to do. Many a time, I have said we need to respect others and their context, and with that, be kind, don’t judge and allow others that are ready to move forward.

So now I have shared my view, I am ready for the bites! Maybe not as these aren’t read really and just my way of thinking, for me. I was bitten today though, a coupe of times, by a creature in the garden unknown to me.

Celebrate what you want to see more of.

Paul Sewell

The day is done. I have managed a short jog of about 3.5 km. A 2km walk a bit later. Now enjoying a latte and about to water the plants in the garden. Be safe all. Look around and see what is going on – take what you see to inspire you to be kind and different from the negative amongst us.

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