School’s Out – Day 41

Admiration so so many in education today with a mixture of those welcoming children back; those in the final stages of planning; and those doing what is right for their school and sharing the news that could be criticised as, no return. Respect the differences in the varying contexts.

For those almost at the point of return, there may have been very recent new gatherings with a distance to go over plans. I’ve experienced a very positive group of colleagues who have been so positive that they comment on each other’s positivity – that has to be a positive sign. A physical and theoretical walk through the plan gave all a very clear understanding and reassured those with concerns.

The other positive point from the day was the chance to chat with colleagues that I haven’t chatted with for some time. The unplanned discussion with purpose and positivity the content of the chat. Great people and a great culture. It is times like these that remind of the conversations, drive and development of a culture that works. Some get it and some don’t.

Culture is how we act when the boss is not around, and what we rely on when the rules don’t apply.

Paul Sewell

This culture we have now is a great one. The opportunity for people to take liberties is there. The ability to do less or nothing is possible. Quite clearly though, in these times of remote learning, this is not happening and that is great.

So with the first day for many with more children, I hope it was a positive day for both children and staff. The times are quite scary for so many and we must remember that. We must be respectful and appreciate the different contexts that we are in.

Keep doing what you believe to be right, don’t judge others and be safe.

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