School’s Out – Day 42

There comes a time when you really start to flag. The weather is great so that is lovely. The people around you are positive and supportive so that is a benefit. There are so many struggling in situations that you can not begin to comprehend so for that, you should be grateful. But, I’m tired.

It will have been day two for many in primary school across the country today, as well as the children of key workers. I have read the many positive comments and the uplifting notes of smiles, engagement and togetherness. Respect to all of those back at it and doing what is very much needed. We can plan and ponder and procrastinate as much as we like but the reality is, it needs to happen and in doing so, we will learn. I hope it continues to be positive and there aren’t sad, twisted people ready to complain and blame when the weather changes.

I took part in a webinar today about supporting returning children. Very pleasingly, the content was, to me, very much common sense and seemingly obvious. Don’t ditch the broad curriculum. Do what is right and relevant. Get people talking. I don’t write much when I listen to other or attend courses, but what I do write to me, is significant.

When we return, let’s find out what has been learnt and have lots of talk.

What is particularly sad in these times, is the time. Many will think that school staff have the time now to sit and chill and work leisurely. That may well be true in some cases, but I’d suggest very, very few. These past several weeks the sun has been shining upon us. I have something of a tan. I certainly haven’t however had the chance to down tools and relax outside in the weather. I think pretty much every primary headteacher will be the same in that the work has increased with different needs whilst supporting the children from afar; supporting the parents too, more than ever; and as always, the staff. This leadership lark is great fun. It actually is, but tiring.

Go back maybe seven, eight or so weeks and there were bits about school staff neglecting their own children, for others. This is so very true. It makes me very proud of what my son does. What he gets on with independently because he gets the role myself and his mum has. He empathises with the others out there of a similar age to him that maybe do not have the security he has. How he knows that I have no idea but somehow, he gets something. I think about it quite a bit at the moment and very soon, we will have a break and all gadgets and devices that can get to me will be turned off.

As I glance forward and look at Half a Lettuce, what wonderful, related quote can I take from Paul? Here goes…

If you don’t like change, you’ll like irrelevance even less.

Tom Peters

The past few months have really required a change and for so many, shown that doing things differently can be immensely positive. I’d suggest we embrace what has gone and be ready for the fact that C19 isn’t going away anytime soon. Learn to live with it, adapt and make a success of where we are. See the new ways of working as new opportunities and… spend time doing what you love.

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