School’s Out – Day 46

School is actually in a bit now too! Been a busy one but great to see children return, smiling and enjoying the company of each other. Parents too seemed pretty pleased and that is not meant to suggest they need the break. Schools are where we want the children and from today, the place children suggest they would want to be.

Whilst for the children they are back, they are only a group. We are not mixing and being all together as we would like. That would be careless and wrong. The first day certainly went very smoothly, with (almost all) parents arriving at the right time to drop off the children. breaks, lunch and lessons went well.

Walk through Aylestone Meadows

The preparation is complete now for the training of colleagues on Google Classroom. It is so very easy and simple to share. I have had a good explore of it today to ensure I know what I’m doing. I’ve learnt a few more things today so that is great. It never surprises me to see the children leading the way in such things, teaching us things we had not even considered.

As children start to return, remember the things to want to keep doing – the things that have worked and gone well. Remember also the, things that need binning and stopping. Don’t do them and be clear why.

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