School’s Out – Day 47

Another end to another day. I hope all are keeping positive and gradually getting back to work, where you can. Spare a thought though for the many still in the very difficult position of being at home, unable to go back to work and even more so, those with children (I mean that in the nicest way possible).

The thing is, so I was told by a colleague (which is rather funny as a school leader they knew before me), that Year 2 to Year 5 children are not returning to school this academic year. Note also, I was also told by my wife it is up to the Headteachers/Principals – in all cases, they are informing me as I am busy at school, rather than a different channel, which one would expect (or is that just me?) – should the above be inaccurate, forget it.

So what is happening and how are we all? I am looking forward to the return of Everton playing. Fingers crossed we will start the run of Liverpool’s losing streak of 9 matches and inspire Man City to win all of theirs – neither will happen but at the moment, still possible.

If we go back to the world of education, it has been really busy and having had children back at school now for a couple of days, the questions for colleagues in other schools are something that should really be strategically arranged. I spoke to one today asking how we dealt with certain things and, having been back, was able to explain clearly how we managed it. All with success, no issues and children and staff quite comfortable and without being complacent.

Get talent into the building, to unity of purpose, and high energy.

The children and staff I do have to comment have been greatly positive and happy to be back. Smiles during conversations and funny stories on the field during lunch. For those that like the humour, the remote thermometers pointed slightly away from the forehead give a reading of ‘Lo’. If you say it is a checker of humour or whatever you like, it brings a smile, giggle and retort of ‘how rude’ – in these times we need to be normal and make the different procedures fun and non-threatening. I saw one member of staff zapping the child and overhearing how it is a breakfast checker. It only had a 20% accuracy reading though with two out of the ten children confirming they had the stated breakfast – on those, the teacher was impressed she guessed right. This is the magic of teaching. I do however worry about my ‘Lo’ intelligence.

The weather was good today which allowed all to get outside. Rounders on the tennis courts; dens on the field; and two interesting children, being statues for quite some time – seriously, Covent Gardens here they come!

Time to relax, turn off and recharge. As the sun sets on another day, new opportunities arise for another.

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