School’s Out – Day 48

I’ve not seen the daily briefing from today – funnily enough I was in the office working on some school stuff. I hear that there has been some pre-announcement that there will be summer schools for children considering they have missed so much school. Lovely idea for some of the children and parents that want it. I’ll not comment beyond that.

As I reflect on where I am now with my work and what I am doing, I can tell you without any doubt that I a really pushing it at the moment. I have said this already but the perception of some that those in teaching are not working is so very, very wrong and absurd. Staff at my school are working longer, more intense hours and most parents understand that. There are a few that are ignorant to reality but there always will be.

The remote working pressures are immense and staff responding takes so much more time. The there are some that want daily live sessions and small group sessions and daily 1:1 chats – hmmm.

Pleased to hear that Everton will be playing their games at Goodison Park, albeit behind closed doors. It will be great to see them play again, although on tv. Not too sure how many will be left considering another is now injured. I do wonder though how it will all end when whoever gets relegated possibly has missing players or some other disadvantage due to the virus.

So, another day ends and I look back and today, really feel bad that my family were left to get on and I was distant. Not deliberately distant nor in a particular way. I was distant because I had a few calls/meetings to be in. I was distant because a policy, plan and form needed to be competed. I was distant because I am doing more to help more in new ways. In doing this, my own family get less. And it gets announced that summer school plans will be shared next week!? Sorry people, but I’ll not be there.

Look after yourselves. I heard of someone today testing positive. This virus is still here and you need to take care. Life and health is more important than going to school.

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