School’s Out – Day 50

The end of another week and what a week it has been. No point really avoiding the white elephant – a member of staff reported to test positive for Covid19. School closed today and certainly until Wednesday. As a Key Worker I went for a test, considering I was around school, albeit carefully – and I am negative. The wife and son the same.

An interesting and busy day after all with an early trip to school to inform any children and parents that missed the message that school is closed. In total, that was one. Highlight of that visit were the two police cars flying in with the lights because the catering came in to sort the fridges; though the alarm was off and it wasn’t. I’m suspicious the police, coming in through the exit, pushed the now damaged electronic gate as my deputy went through it only 20 minutes earlier and it was fine… not sure that will be proven, admitted or other!

After that quick visit, school was locked up and off I went via picking up Kate and Dan to get a test. Highly efficient I must say and less than 12 hours later the results are back. So many times I have said the efforts, delivery and work in all of this to me is impressive. Well done and thank you.

Much of the day has been emails, meetings, calls and that includes the expected call from Public Health Leicester and the local media. PH Leicester were very good. Reassuring, knowledgable and appreciated. Even more so that what we have done is good, right and unquestionable. The media call was also fine. I do believe that denying to comment is a mistake. What is there to hide, query or worry about? If we do things as we should, there is no issue – lead from the front and turn up! That to be fair what was reported was done so fairly (as long as people understand the word indefinitely). It sound really negative and worrying and if you thought that, go look it up!

Don’t go the extra mile, live the extra mile.

I did eventually get to sit down and spend some time with the family. They have been brilliant, understanding the pressures and need to let me get things done.

End of another day; bit of a busy one. Thanks all for he support, help and patience. Thanks to the Local Authority, Trust and other colleagues. Signing off now and hoping all stay safe, positive and respectful.

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