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Back to Training and the Boy Who Bakes

Saturday morning was a step to something of normality with the gradual easing of the lockdown allowing football training, as long as no more than six are in a group (including the coach). I was going to go for a run whilst the boys trained but the possibility of eleven boys meant a call to help – running shoes off and football boots on.

Back to training

The weather for training was great to be fair. The pitch was beautifully flat and well cut. Three activities all set up by Iain and Chris so small groups and social distancing maintained, all made for a great session. Pretty sure though that I worked harder than the lads. It was good to see them all again and when it came to striking the ball, Dan hit a couple of great free-kicks and penalties right into the side netting.

Although the sun was shining, when we got home Dan wanted to be inside. The reason – the Great Stafford Leys Year 5 Bake Off. Dan had already planned the cake. Mt Vesuvius erupting on the edge of Pompeii, with (not quite true to life) a train track weaving across the land to be covered. Dan got on with the measuring, mixing, baking and decorating and genuinely did it all himself. When it came to letting it set and the final unveiling, it looked pretty good. The tasting of… well that was pretty good too. Genuinely, a really nice cake! Well done Dan.

Sunday was a relaxing day in the main. A near 8km run in the morning before a little work and the family quiz. Think my questions were a bit too hard, although educational for those that took notice. School’s back tomorrow for many colleagues and I wish them well. Enjoy doing what you do and be confident you know what you’re doing. Not everybody is agreeing with various things at the moment – sad to say it, but the positivity and kindness of seven or eight weeks ago appears to have gone.

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