School’s Out – Day 51

Monday arrives and the weather on the whole is great. Come the evening, the thunderstorm starts and the lightning is fascinating. Best part of the day probably considering the rest involved meetings (remotely) and other things I’d ordinarily choose not to do. Thoughts today are with those having more children back at school – I trust it will go well. Big thoughts and prayers go to an ex-colleague whose brother, I just heard, has died.

A few Tweets today I saw were commenting, criticising and generally being negative once again on the subject of schools welcoming children back and in some cases, those that choose to open for years 2-5. Why? Just stop being negative and be supportive – get a grip and take a look at yourself. Sadly, too many people are too intent on moaning and sniping at others they don’t realise they are in fact the problem. Choose your friends wisely and mix with the right crowd.

You become who you hand around with.

from Half a Lettuce – Paul Sewell

Back to the home learning, quite pleasing to get a little time to actually help my son and the maths, he is fine. Working bit out mentally and totally understanding the work set. Just wish he was as keen with the English. So many times I discuss children (usually boys) not wanting to write. Dan is the same; he can do it but it doesn’t make him tick. He can talk, socialise, question, hold a conversation and be totally engaged – but only as long as a writing implement is not involved. If I were his teacher, I’d be concerned (dues to SATs). As his dad, I don’t mind, because when he needs it, has an interest or purpose, he’ll smash it.

So back to the storm, the rain, the lightening. BOOM! So good to just watch from the window, the flashes, forks and f…. (rain). It reminded us of the time some 7ish years ago camping and Dan, on his first camping trip (2 years old) fell asleep in a tent in a storm. The tent was leaking but the sound sent Dan asleep. Sometimes, even now, such simple, beautiful things are invaluable.

Be safe.

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