Days Off

A Day of Football

Started the day with grassroots football. Always a please to help and we had the keeper diving and some great shots and free kicks. The plan later was all around the premier league and watching Leicester and all who come after.

Training with the U11 was the first thing of the day and it was great. Two mats either side of the keeper to try to get rid of that fear of falling. Some great progress and he seemed to enjoy it, which is key. Pleasingly, activities involving striking was well received and there were some great shots being taken.

Shortly after eleven, we got home and prepared for the Leicester match. The gazebos went up and food all prepared. The weather was great but that changed later. No issues as the gazebo saved us.

During the evening it was good to see the son enjoying music and quite happy to dance without worrying. His move and rhythm have certainly improved. I guess that was helped by following the Just Dance images. The lawn was also covered in a den, made with sheets of tarpaulin, old ground sheets and poles for football training. It was a great chance for knots to be learnt and am emptying of the garage. All good fun.

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