Days Off

Happy Father’s Day

The most vivid image of today for me was my son, looking half asleep coming into my room this morning, light turned on and telling me to wake up as it’s Father’s Day and he has presents to give me. It’s genuinely great and well appreciated, especially as he was still half asleep but at the forefront of his mind was me.

Toblerones, an Everton drink holder, socks and wine. As is the norm for many fathers, one of the presents often get confiscated unofficially- Dan decide all day to have his water bottle in the Everton drinks holder. The choices for the day were mine so after a slow start, it remained slow after a busy day and late night yesterday. We watched Spider-Man 2 and not a lot else until Everton were on. A game I think Everton deserves to win considering the chances. Dom and Tom nearly scored and one certainly should have.

Tom shoots narrowly wide after Dom forces a save to deny Everton the win.

As the day draws to a close I look forward to tomorrow. Back at school and welcoming all that are ready from all year groups back to school. The plans remain good and supported by all involved.

Enjoy what is left of the day and take care.

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