School’s Out – Day 56

Late on a Monday night, the first day back after opening all year groups, it has been a great day for the children. To see more friends and be able to socialise within a larger group – these are important times for the children.

The weather has improved once again, giving the kind of spell we had over Easter. It does of course help the mood but it does not help those of us with a dusting (if that) of hair on our heads. For the children back at school, the weather is great though. There were carefully thought out games on the field, ensuring distances were kept. A game of rounders with two sets of posts/cones to allow the batters to run and fielders to field without getting near each other. There was also the English and maths taking place too, albeit done in the morning.

Great to see the smiles and games (in groups)

It is strange to think there are less than three weeks left of school. It has been an intense three months where the staff have been truly great. As a team, Google Classroom set up and delivered. Work has been copied for those without devices and daily calls, hangouts and other lines of communication. As we near the break and the noises of summer schools and catch up programmes begin, stay back and think about those that despite the belief of some, really have not stopped and have continued to deliver. Yes, the impact will have been limited but that is testament to what teaching staff do, and have been doing for years – sprinkling stardust and magic on the class of children and getting results. I hope when we do return this is not forgotten.

For me, summer needs to be a time to properly rest, think, recharge and get ready to go again for the new academic year.

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