School’s Out – Day 57

The night is here. A hot day with a few more children arriving for school. To see the children all smiling, chatting and engaging is wonderful.

Despite being in very different times we continue to work on the current provision and work on what is intended for the future as well. Currently, Google Classroom continues to be a great resource and a welcome one. The work has, in every class been set and engaged on in all classes. Obviously those that choose to give it less will not progress as well but the overwhelming majority are making steps forward. They have all learnt new skills too and become resilient and more independent, figuring new things out remotely.

The now normal world of remote collaborations whether with a colleague or friend a mile away or 150 miles away is working. Pieces of work for the future are being formed and developed so that when the return comes, we will move nicely onto more consistent and beneficial ways.

So what does the next couple of months hold and then, the next couple of years? It is hard to imagine how the current situation can remain. We need our children back at school and we need everybody to be able to get back to work. That is a hard scenario to imagine, considering C19 is still about. Has it got easier as many have had it and so many may well be asymptotic and immune, to a degree? If indeed we get back to normal, will a second spike come at us hard? These unknowns make the Unknown’s of school difficult. Are we hoping that all will be fine and we have a full return for school et al, fingers crossed all goes well?

The road back is an uncertain one.

The idea of summer schools has been muted, again. I’m not sure they are need as I genuinely believe, where schools have risen to the challenge and delivered, they’ve done so well and will sort any gaps within a year. Those that haven’t maybe done as well, will they fix that in a summer? This point will certainly divide opinion. Either way, what will be offered will be offered and we will do what we do.

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