Life After Lockdown

Life after Lockdown – Day 58

As I write ‘School’s Out…’ I wonder whether that is appropriate anymore. School is back, albeit parents may choose not to send them without penalty. However, the fact is, we are back and open to all that wish to attend. Those that wish are currently about 70 and that does not count those that say they are returning then change their minds two minutes later. Maybe from tomorrow I call this ‘Lockdown… – 59 days on – decision made and the above title is a result of these pondering.

Circumstances change. Values don’t.

Paul Sewell

Today I had some time with the family. During the day I did take some calls and respond to some emails. I did tick a couple of tasks off the list and update a view bits.

Visited Calke Abbey. The weather (not that you need telling) was so hot. Arriving and parking up, grabbing a very chilled drink from the fridge was one of many highlights. When it is hot, you know how a cold drink tastes – beautiful. The 13km bike ride was superb and I’d recommend people get out there and support The National Trust. These times will have hit them hard and we need to help maintain and retain such magnificent sites. Two ice-creams and a short walk later, we packed up and headed home. It was alo very day and one that included Dan trying to climb a tree; spotting lovely flowers in the walled gardens; and photography through sphere (not ideal in the sun!)

Home and ready to watch Everton; water the garden and get ready for school. Pleased that Everton won and appreciative of the work required in such heat. The garden is looking great but after today, a house and walled garden such as that at Calke Abbey would be good.

As I think of school, just over two weeks left now and lots to do. New classes, staffing and resources to prepare. Much more difficult in the current situation but we will do it. Great teams and a clear purpose always help.

Take care all. Enjoy reading all of the updated and new guidance.

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