Life After Lockdown

Life after Lockdown – Day 60

The red wine is poured (and a few glasses before too) and the cheese dip to hand. Another week is at its end and the weekend about to begin. Today it was good to see things being completed, such as podcasts, letters and scavenger hunts. We look at the way people behave and I must say, the behaviour of our people at school is exemplary.

Podcast number ten was completed today and it was very much a case of the children teaching the staff and the staff developing. Talking to colleagues it is clear that we are doing great things. These staff than realise that he children can deliver and the children, should they wish, can go off and do their own thing.

The Scavenger Hunt Final was held and by all accounts was successful. what is the best item you could ask someone to find? I am pleased it has been successful and will now run version for the parents. Anyone with ideas for things to find, let me know.

Later in the day we had some time outside. We have many trees outside and I am a big believer that children should climb a tree, take some risks and make decisions; one of the smallest children climbed higher than others and was more confident than most. Tree climbing for me should be part of the curriculum.

Have you ever played kick the can? As a child it was a game we played lots. A ball (the can) was the focal point. All but one go and hide and the one then looks for the others. Basically, hide and seek. The difference being if you find someone and that beat you back to the can and kick it, all are freed from capture and the finder has to get the ball and look again. I loved it as a child and all that played today, did too.

Back to the wine and chilling… Enjoy the weekend and have some fun.

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