Life After Lockdown

Life after Lockdown – Day 59

A beautiful day and fortunate to have grounds with big trees giving good shade. The day was a mix of meetings via Teams, Zoom and Google Meet. All good though as without people to meet, one would be lonely.

A 45 minute Teams call was first up (after welcoming in the children) to go through some website bits. It is good to know that people are happy to reach out and ask for help, support, advice or indeed, anything. The conversations that I have and get most from, are those where we share what we have and what we know.

Having finished one meeting it was then onto another and talking about openings in the new year. There are also discussions going on about summer schools and if and what may happen. The new year is one we must plan for all coming back and with some way of distancing various groups. Will this work or be a token idea? All we often work for; children playing and interacting with those beyond their classes; could be lost – in effect, every class being their own little school, within a school. Is that a reasonable plan or possible step? WE need our focus and perspectives to be aligned to move forward.

There are various areas to plan for, whatever we do. I’d encourage all to listen with empathy and work together, whether together or not.

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