It’s Summer – Day 5

Obviously in need of a lazy morning. 10:00 before we woke up and when camping, be it in a tent or campervan, that has to be almost unheard of. It also took a bit to wake up Dan who was happily still in the land of Nod.

The weather hasn’t been quite what it promised this week and this morning’s drizzle didn’t help the efforts to get all motivated to get back on the bikes. Despite the challenge, it was achieved and we set off for Alsop, a place a little past Tissington on the Tissington Trail. At the start of the ride the weather was it’s worst. We also had a very steady uphill climb (which was that slight Kate thought we were going downhill and thinking of the dreaded return) against the wind.

The trail was enjoyable, especially as the weather improved. Good tracks and very little in the way of people make it a good place to visit. I think when the fear of COVID and the ability of the coffee stops to open, you’d make more ground than the 8km north followed by the 8 km back. Another 10km was added when we did get back to the van – the weather was it’s best of the day so we continued south to Tissington. Whilst there we checked out the Hall. Imagine living in such a great place. Dan wasn’t too keen though as he’d want a cinema room. He thought it looked too old to have one.

Great ride and very much keen to get out there every day. But back at the site Kate threw together a mix of stuff which I thought tasted vey much like the breakfast pasties – onto something there I think 🤔. The evening was then spent doing the things camping is about. Dan made friends for a distance and we then played games – 7s and Eat your nuts. During the hame we discovered the joy of pop chips, galaxy and nuts. Soooooo delicious.

The best snack ever.

Another day chalked off and there was a bit of work to do, with a reference to write and a few emails to respond to (I’ll not comment on some as there are some colleagues that are pretty incompetent). Call it community service maybe.

Well it’s getting back to some form of normal. Not sure how long with the lack of distancing some seem to comprehend. I’m sure it’s not a Derbyshire thing, but I could be wrong. Good luck all – I think we need it.

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