Covid-19 / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 4

Another day cycling but this time we headed over to Carsington Water to complete the 12 km loop on our bikes. I’d certainly recommend going around anticlockwise as that gets the hills out of the way for the first half of the loop and it finishes with a reasonably flat second half – that is of course if you park at the visitor centre.

There are plenty of places to get out and about, be it walking, cycling or something else. These are important things to grasp with the current restrictions in place with COVID. Days like today are always a hit for Daniel when there is an ice cream somewhere along the way. Mastering the gears is always a good idea though so that getting up the hills doesn’t become a big chore.

It was a bit of a lazy evening, possibly after a couple of days cycling and the fresh air making us all tired. Daniel decided that he was cooking tonight and made a beautiful creamy pasta bacon. Another good day, even with a few emails that needed a response – I’d turned mail off and put an auto reply on, so a text request was sorted.

Cooking in the campervan.

A glass of wine now and then a film. We are in the camper van away to chill. That said, I’ve been summoned to play catch outside so the glass of wine will have to wait.

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