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It’s Summer – Day 7

Leave a light on, please! Seventh day of the break and I have pretty much spent it in the garden, jet-washing the patio and flushing out the ants. All that though overshadowed (if such mundane things can be), by the news of a past pupil deciding it is time to leave this world.

At 21 years of age I was at Y College Normal, now known as The University of Wales, Bangor – training to be a teacher. I was having the time of my life; playing lots of sport for college; enjoying the beautiful area of Snowdonia, hiking, climbing, sailing and canoeing. At 21 I enjoyed life which is fragile and very, very precious.

I am writing this now refraining from sharing the full name of the lovely lad I once taught that, at the age of 21, has now gone. Those that know me will know I will not big up, commend nor talk nicely about those that do not deserve it – I would just not comment. Ben however was a lovely lad with nothing but kindness and good intentions. When I say his name or think of him, I see a lad with a big smile and eagerness to please. I sit here now writing this thinking of his mum, dad and sister – and wider family members who have the devastating task of never possibly coming to terms with Ben’s departure. I taught the lad many years ago and I find it hard to comprehend.

Life is precious – don’t muck about with it and waste your time.


I really have nothing else to add from today, considering the news I have just heard. When you go wandering the isles at the supermarket, keep your distance. When the guidance on campsites states was your hands, do it. When the local lockdown is implemented due to higher rates of R, acknowledge it. Life is precious and you have your role to play.

Ben, RIP.

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