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It’s Summer – Day 17

It’s the start of week three of the break and I’m back in the campervan having travelled down to Great Malvern for some exploration on the bikes and by foot. As we approached, Dan and Kate weren’t too keen by all accounts to go riding up Malvern Hills – not sure why not.

Malvern Hills

Dan has set up a new account so he can make some videos of him cooking food in the campervan. The channel is called Kites Go Camping so if you want to subscribe and support the idea, please do so. I’m quite proud really as this is a nine year old boy that is interested in cooking and happy to share his efforts with others.

Subscribe at

Prior to dinner, we enjoyed a good walk of about 5 miles, taking in the local village of Hanley Swan and some public footpaths across some fields. The weather was varied but there is something quite cool about rain on trees and just enjoying the outdoors. For a good part of the walk I was wondering which way I’d run.

So we are still aware of COVID and many of us are still respectful of its presence. I suspect others are not though. As we plan for a return to school, Covid or not, there are always things to do and ways to improve. I was thinking earlier, nearly 25 years on, who am I working for? Not something I really started to think about until about two years ago – but something now I’m thinking of more and more.

My initial(ish) thoughts are, the children. I think I’m happiest most when what I do benefits the children; that should be the goal for me and who I work for. Others may say they work for an employer, a person, a company.

On that point, I’ll stop. Take care and go enjoy the great outdoors – I plan to.

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