Covid-19 / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 15 and 16

Two weeks of the break are now over and we head towards the third. The last day of Premier League football is complete and Villa survive.

The last two days have been fairly uneventful. We’ve been to tennis as David Lloyd’s and ran 5km. 23 minutes was the time which is not too bad, but not the best. I hope to have a minute off that (comfortably) within a fortnight. David Lloyd have a done. A good job mind, with distancing clearly evident and all well. Not too sure why they don’t want us using our own towels on machines though but I’m sure there is a plausible reason I don’t understand.

Watching Everton’s last game of the season was not the greatest. Moise Kean however showed promise and Mr Baines – the legend that has now retired. I was fortunate to watch him as season ticket holder when he was magical on the left with Steven Pienaar, as well as an England international. Whatever he does next, he has the well wishes of so many. Bournemouth played well, but they had to. Villa survived, doing enough, just. This season has not been great and I’m glad it is over. Roll on September 12th and let’s see what a full season with Carlo Fastastico brings.

I started having a little look at the home school link books I created some years ago. I think it is worth combining them with the reading records and having a little revamp. They are useful, but with all things we use, we should always look to improve. Other than that, and authorising a few holiday works, still making sure I have a break, as all should.

Take care all and go do something you enjoy.

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