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It’s Summer – Day 18

It has been a great day here in Malvern. We’ve cycled quite a lot and it’s been great to see Dan playing with lots of friends on the campsite – these are new friends and hopefully socially distancing.

We set off on what we planned to be about a 15 km bike ride and hopefully without too many hills. As the journey when we were on the road quite a bit which was nice and flat but it was a little bit busy and there were also some slight hills. It became clear quite quickly that the area was not flat and the green areas were for those on foot, not wheels. That aside, we explored the area well and had a good idea of where we were.

The sun shone throughout the day and we enjoyed just beneath the Malvern Hills with a good view of them. Throughout the ride I kept joking with Dan that we’d be climbing them – to be fair, we did get some altitude. I often say that whatever we climb we get to enjoy the ride down. Today it did seem that we climbed a fair bit and didn’t come down quite as much. The stats on the bike don’t share that perspective but my legs and the opinions of Kate and Dan do.

Almost 30km cycled.

Back in the campsite at about 17:00 Dan went off with his new friends. Really good to see the children getting on with each other. Kate and I commented on how those that go camping, do seem to get on with others and come across well. I had previously stated to Kate that the children seemed lovely and appeared to get on like they’d known each other for some time.

Tonight’s meal was Kate’s speciality that I liken to a breakfast pasty. All was going well until the gas ran out. Fortunately though, the sausages were cooked so we ended up with sausage sandwiches. Tomorrow we’ll be sorting out a new bottle of gas or eating out for every meal. I’m pretty sure that the gas bottle will be sorted!

On the school front, picked up an email about some summer works. Despite having been partnered with the brilliant Sewell Group for many years, I still have questions and suggestions thrown my way about what are perceived to be required but are actually needless. I suppose there are some people, in posts, that really do think the rest of the population are clueless. I do know, so shall keep smiling – they try their best.

So my task now is to find some flattish routes to cycle – best get on it.

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