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It’s Summer – Day 21

When you gaze up to see the stars, you can get lost in the marvel that is space. Doing so is something I’ve always enjoyed, from the army childhood of camping out at the weekend and lying comfy in a sleeping bag and watching the stars above. We used to look for satellites.

Tonight as I gazed to the sky, I saw Saturn and Jupiter. No shooting stars but it’s a wonder really how we know that these tiny specks of light are in fact huge planets, many thousands of miles from where we are. It is times like these that we need to remind ourselves of our special place on our planet and enjoy every second. If we do things that are not really what we want, then why – and what really will someone do about it?

This morning we set off to Worcester for a relaxing 15km ride around the City and along the Severn and canal. It was rather hot – 36 degrees recorded at one point. The way the city is set up for cycling is great. Lots of shared paths for pedestrians and cyclists. We discussed later (whilst enjoying some red) how this current Covid situation is the opportunity for some bold decisions by central government to sort the transport system once and for all. Make every road and street cycle friendly. Take one lane from every road that has more than one, and convert it to a cycle route. Where there is only one, either narrow it or make the pavements shared. Shared paths work! Job done.

Cycling around Worcester, by the weir.

If this was done, absolutely for sure, it would work. The number of people that would start cycling for many reasons, would increase. To have a safe space to make the journey would make all of the distance. I say this as a keen motorist.

The cycle around Worcester was great. As said, it is well set up for it, enabling the four of us to safely see the city and get where we wanted to. The river was a good route and canal, great as we explored north as south. It was extremely hot though so the cool drinks and ice creams were appreciated.

Back at base we enjoyed another bbq and the wonder of the stars. More time outside to enjoy, think and ponder does inspire you to do what you enjoy. Life is precious and it would be great to live it wisely.

Marshmallows on the BBQ.

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