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It’s Summer – Day 26

A day full of sport and physical activity has been had. I went and played golf with Frank, my father-in-law today when I looked on my golf app it was almost 1 year since I last played so it’s going to be interesting as to how that would go.

The first nine holes were pretty consistent, consistently pretty poor. The worst hole i scored a 10 but the best was a five. I hit some great straight drives but then followed it by taking four or five shots to finish the whole. I suppose it isn’t too bad considering it was the 21st of August 2019 that I last played. The second nine was a little bit better. I had my best drive ever with a 290 yard shot straight down the middle. Just 40 yards off the pin, I finished with a 6 – eek! It was great to be on the course though and I finished well on the last hole with a par.

View down the 18th fairway.

It was then back to David Lloyd for Dan’s group tennis lesson, in with the U14s now. He served a couple of good aces and enjoyed it. I ran another 5km then got in the pool for a swim. To be back running and swimming, as well as the tennis is good. These simple things are missed and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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