Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 27

Up early this morning to get the bikes over to Halfords for a free safety check. I highly recommend that anybody with a bike goes and gets them checked out. Many of us leave unchecked, unless something becomes obvious, when really, we should be checking them like we would our cars. So in a little over a week, two of the bikes with have a new set of cables for the gears and brakes.

Following the purchase of a wheel reflector and bell, to replace those that had fallen off or broken, they were all added to the bikes when we returned home and a proper tidy of the boxes we have for the cycling gear. Looking as forward as ever to the next trip out on the bikes, through the forest and along reasonable paths that should not result Kate and Dan complaining at me about the slopes.

After half-an-hour in the garden taking shots and saving some, Dan and I went to pick up a friend. It was nice to see them cut up cardboard and design a building, thinking creatively and adapting plans to suit the ever changing brief. It wasn’t quite so great to see the living room turn into a cardboard creation workshop – it was really. These things are great for children to enjoy and it was good to see them working on it together.

Homemade pizzas next and the boys made their own, using pizza bases from the shop, but the ingredients were chosen and added by themselves and cooked, then eaten. Kate and I made our own later and they were great. Another easy thing to do that is a skill, simple as it is.

Most of the pineapple went on the pizza, just!

Another one of those days where you do a bit but seemingly, looking back, not a lot.

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