Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 28 & 29

Two thirds of the summer break are over and the weather has again been very good; some may say too hot. Being able to use the garden to relax, play and generally enjoy is great and something to appreciate.

A little sorting done in the day on Friday, ready for family to enjoy a takeaway in the garden during the evening. A bit of football resulted in Dan hurting his finger. The darts board came out and it was light when we started but I’m sure it was dark by the time we finished a game of round the clock.

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve sat in the garden and late into the evening it has been warm enough out there to sit in teeshirts without a heater of some sort. Friday night was pleasantly warm whilst sat outside.

Saturday morning meant a walk up the road to football training for Dan. His finger swollen so the idea of him playing in goal on Sunday was highly questionable. There was even a question mark over him playing at all. Training was good and the finger didn’t seem to bother Dan too much – more a slight discomfort than anything else. That aside, the swelling is clear so we decided to call 111 to check it out.

Saturday morning football training.

The service from 111 was pretty good. A few questions to help the diagnosis, all without going in. A call back within three hours and later on, that call came. A few more questions and to be sure, they want Dan to get an X-ray. We almost set off to Loughborough for it, as asked, until they rang back to say Loughborough doesn’t do X-rays after 17:00 so head for Leicester. A shorter journey for us and being reasonably quiet, must have been much quicker.

By this time in the day, the van was pretty much packed for our next trip away. Hopefully Dan’s finger is fine and we will still be able to enjoy it and take the bikes.

Answering the questions at Children’s A and E, it dawned on me that Dan has never had to go to hospital. Quite an achievement for an almost 10 year old, that is active and plays football (most of it as a keeper), tennis, did gymnastics and generally sprawls all over the place. X-rays done and questions asked. Dan’s interest in the hospital and science led to a study of the X-rays and counting bones, identifying the growth plates that children have in the fingers (merged as adults), and the oddness of Das fingers if not broken!

Dan’s fingers are being treated as a break due to that oddness. A break can’t be seen but a slight kink could be one, but unsure as yet. Doctor’s orders are no sport for up to three weeks – that will be a killer. Bike rides okay if careful. All at the hospital were great, friendly and efficient. Thankfully, much quieter than the times I’ve been previously after football matches with busy waiting rooms and hours of waiting.

Back home we did a bit more packing, ready for a trip where the weather is forecast not to be quite as good. Holidays and family time is great. Whether it is time in the garden with a ball, darts, gardening or making a game out of wood, or packing for a visit, enjoy it.

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