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It’s Summer – Day 33

The end of day 33 of the summer break and the rain has not stopped since about 18:00. The weather app promised thunder storms from 14:00, but lacking confidence in the forecasts we went out and enjoyed the sun.

We woke a bit earlier this morning the catch the 10:00 train to Chester to see a friend from college, Jane. The heat was immense and relief was taken from ice creams, shade and a few beers and other chilled drinks in shaded areas. The city of Chester is beautiful and whilst I lived near to it many years ago, somewhere you don’t fully appreciate and now recommend to others.


Great as always to see Jane (and Jacob). Keeping in touch with friends is so important and something we are pleased to do. We said our goodbyes to Jane and Jacob and went for a drink and then some lunch. The shade beneath the city walls was gorgeous and only when we stepped out, the heat once again presented itself. After a small amount of shopping, we got some lunch and the. Headed back in the train to Delamere, in time to see Dale and go for a short walk.

A wet walk.

We have our Everton season tickets with Dale so it has been a while since we’ve seen him. The original plan was to walk around the forest but with thunder storms promised, we considered meeting in Chester. The weather being so good, a forest walk, despite the forecast seemed safe. Two thirds of the walk was great. A bit hot but totally dry and clear skies. With about two thirds complete, some light rain followed some gentle clips of thunder. I took my golfing brolly and very soon, Dan was under is whilst myself, Kate and Dale were ‘enjoying’ the cool pattern of rain. That cool patter became torrential and we all looked like we were on the way to a wet teeshirt competition. We completed the walk and said our goodbyes.

Back at the campsite, totally soaked, we got changed and sorted all that we needed to. A night watching the lightning and hearing the thunder was to be had and the Minstrals were tasty. The pattering of the rain is what I can hear now and puddles to avoid being created. Simple things are great.

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