Campervan trip / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 36

Last day at the campsite in Delamere so a morning run prior to packing up and departing. The campervan pack up versus the tent pack up is hugely less time consuming and much easier.

Running view.

All packed and an easy journey back home, followed by unpacking the van and giving it a bit of a clean. That is another six nights completed in the van; the third break away during the holidays and about the fifth trip in all. The van is less than a year old but already, it is proving to be very much a great decision to go for it. That isn’t because of Covid restrictions and the fact it has enabled us to go away, but liking camping anyway, we get the best of both worlds with the simplicity of camping and being outdoors, with the convenience of time saved and in a storm, being comfortable.

Loving campervan trips.

Looking back on the week we have had a great time. Some great walks and bike rides, in the Forest, through the mud and for one walk (with Dale, my nephew), through a downpour that left us all totally drenched. One of the walks Dan remembers well as I was trying to sort some good footings to get over a big, muddy puddle – Dan laughed (as did Kate) as Dan walked round the edge which I failed to spot as a clean route.

Enjoying a pizza from the nearby Delamere Station cafe.

So another successful end to a trip. The evening was relaxing in the house watching a film. Roll on the next trip, albeit a shorter one and two weeks away.

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