Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 37

Happy birthday first and foremost to my wife today. Awake at 08:30 so I can get the bikes to Halfords and back again for some grassroots football. How exciting are birthdays as you get older!

Yes, a quick get up and sorted and present giving/opening before flying out of the door to get to Halfords. We are cycling a lot more at the moment so the end of holiday check, service and all is about to happen. Apparently my tyres are going to get green slime – how exciting.

Back home and find out on the way I’m wanted again to referee the game. Not a problem as always happy to help. Not so happy starting the second half as the team were four nil up and not one of the four substitutes have been introduced. U11 pre-season friendly. Apparently, they didn’t want to change too much at half time. Thing is, they changed absolutely nothing. When changed were made, the team scored another three to make it eight nil.

Warming up to sit on the bench.

You can probably tell I was not and still am not impressed. When you study, teach, coach and know what grassroots is about, you know it is not what I witnessed today. Sadly I fear, some are starting to think the results and tables are the be all and end all. Fuming still, nine hours later! No excuse whatsoever for that today. Let’s hope I’m wrong and today was an oversight.

A little later the in-laws arrived, all within Covid guidelines and all. A picnic, games and time together. It is great to be able to see family, albeit limited. Cakes, cards, nuts and squashems enjoyed for several hours. Weirdly tired and full. Probably very tired from camping and not stopping. It is still pretty hot despite the rain out there. Keep smiling all and doing what is right, not what puts you at the top. Who are you competing against?

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