Covid-19 / Days Off / School Holidays

It’s Summer – Day 38 & 39

The last two days have been gently easing back into work after a great few weeks recovering from the relentless drive thorough lockdown. Catching up with emails; checking dates for the diary; and generally touching base with various areas of school life to plan and be ready for the return.

Whilst so many schools did not close during lockdown and many, like mine, worked hard through it delivering lessons for every child, I do know I have been able to recharge of the past month, living just outside the local lockdown area. I feel very much for the many that live inside the zones who have been unable to go anywhere and will be worse off for it. There will be many children and key workers, such as children, about to go back but having not had a proper break.

Dan has been making lavender bags and it’s impressive to see him create the online forms to sell them, as well as a simple web page.

A possible lavender bag design.

Tuesday morning started with an hour tennis lesson with Tommy at David Lloyd’s. It was my first hour lesson as I usually do just half and hour after Dan has had an hour, but being that Dan has a suspected broken finger, no sport like tennis for another two and a half weeks yet! I was pretty well worked. Enjoyable, very much so.

Back at home a spent a bit of time on dates for the year ahead. Staggered starts and finishes have made is harder for timetabling but easier in that certain trips will not be happening.

Slowly, we get bits ready for a return next week and remember that for many, it is daunting. Respect the differing views on how we set up; what works for others but not you; or anything.

Be safe and strong.

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