School Days

1, 2, 3, Go…!

Last of the three start of the school year training days are complete and we are ready for the return of children tomorrow.

Monday was Talk for Writing, Tuesday was classroom and general school preparation and today was all about leadership and values with John Kane (KanEvolve). The work that colleagues have put in to ensure we are the best we can be for tomorrow is, as always, great.

Classroom spaces, resources and all known situations are prepared for. We have procedures in place to restrict, if not eliminate, the contact of children across groups. What is pleasing is the plan a a whole school plan that has been contributed to by all – everybody owns it. For me that is the only way to work, develop and improve.

That all fits well with today’s leadership training. We talk about Why with Simon Sinek and then say don’t use Why when having a fierce conversation. It makes perfect sense and is quite right. I have always said that everybody is a leader, whether an official title or task is given. We can be great, positively influential people. Or we can be negative and influence a few other negative people and lead people the wrong way. Let’s be positive.

So a great few days and ready for smiles and children returning to school.

At home it was straight back out to referee a friendly football match. A 5-0 win for the team but not quite the fluid, great team performance hoped for. The players are doing well and it was maybe one of those games where is just didn’t happen. Some ball watching and missed passing opportunities. Onwards and upwards.

Take care and beat wishes to all colleagues in Leicester back already, or returning tomorrow.

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