Covid-19 / School Days

First Day Back – Training Day

First day back at school with all staff, the first time since 23rd March. All seemed fine and the understandable apprehensions of some soon reduced and a good day had by all.

Whilst it was the first day with all back, it certainly wasn’t back in March that everyone last did any work. Do we still need to keep making that point that schools never closed or are we part that yet? Have the political animals stopped suggesting that to detract from their incompetence? Even over the summer break, which is the only time we did close, numerous staff were working, preparing and doing what was needed to plan for the return and the usual setting of dates, planning work and other tasks. This is the same every holiday despite what people think.

We had an external visitor in today to deliver training after my short ‘Welcome Back’ bit. James from Talk for Writing was in and the session delivered was great. The stuff shared, modelled and practised is nothing new nor rocket science but it is greatly valuable and important to share. They are the simple things that many do but likewise, many do not. Taking games and challenges that increase confidence with new and existing vocabulary. Simple story telling that can then be expanded and extended; from similar to unique. Great to see many staff inspired and enjoying the day. From this, the children will benefit.

For all others that have also now returned, best wishes, sincerely. Everybody in the profession has worked hard and done well to be ready to return, fighting varying degrees of concern, or none! We are all different but united in the belief children need to get back. We just need to do it carefully and safely, carefully listening and adapting with respect for others.

That all said, I’m surprised I’m still awake after the earlier wake up this morning. Good night.

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