Campervan trip / Days Off / School Days

Suits and Showers

Two days of school completed, followed by a bank holiday camping on the outskirts of Nottingham. In many ways, it is so good to be back at school, but the reference to being guinea pigs with regards the return is so true for us in Leicester.

At first the idea of being the first back was appealing. Nothing to do with being trailblazers or anything wonderful like that – it was more a case of being really excited to have the children back and seeing colleagues and doing our very best for the children that we care for. Unfortunately however, despite all of the plans are put in place, there are one or two things that don’t quite work and then people start to look and criticise and judge and forget these times are very, very different.

In two days back at school we have trialled two different ways of getting our children in and getting them out in staggers – it worked quite well apart from those that don’t keep their distance or even know where they’re supposed to be. On Tuesday when we return we will be using the third system in as many days. I’m very much hoping the third day is drier than the first two which would be helpful.

Starting point.

Away from school it’s a bank holiday so another trip up north to Nottingham, camping. Great fun with friends – cycling and enjoying the outdoors. For me, the odd run too – well one! We played cricket in the field and a particularly good day was today when we cycled all the way to Holme Pier Point, the National Watersport Centre.

It’s funny when your child misses a football match yet he doesn’t seem to notice. Life is an interesting thing where we enjoy a wide range of activities and get great satisfaction from so many different things. What is it you enjoy? Enjoy it and don’t worry about others.

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