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Great to Return

It has been a few days since the last blog,

At the time time of writing, a spider has just crawled down the corner of the room and when approached, jumped (released itself from its contact to the wall) and fallen to the floor. I am imagining it landing on its feet and now making its way to… eat my feet!

It has been a few days since I last shared thoughts; I think it was at the time school returned and drop offs were yet to be refined. As a school lead, the first week and two days were totally taken by the staggered starts and finishes; drop off and pick up regimes; and punctuality and understanding of social distancing. There was an interview with BBC East Midlands tv and a live BBC Radio Leicester interview. That all seemed to go well which is great – the staff support each other and the shared, agreed processes work – and if they need adapting, we adapt.

Having children back now is really good. They seem really pleased to be back and the staff have all been great on the return too. We are starting clubs next week with every member of staff (teachers and Teaching Assistants, bar two) offering a club. They are doing so to support parents that need to work, understanding the difficult times we are in and how parents, whilst not our job to babysit, need that support.

Away from the world of work, we have had football training, friendlies and a bit of tennis. Tennis has been great, although a shame Dan can’t play yet due to his finger injury. That has led to me having hour long sessions which are proving fruitful. I think I am hitting the ball really well (sometimes). Today though I was properly blasted by Tommy and was near collapsing on the floor. I didn’t though.

The start of school has been brilliant. We work together to deliver and make the learning top class. Enjoy the weekend and revel in the fact Everton have signed Allan.

One thought on “Great to Return

  1. Such a positive outlook on the difficulties of returning to the classroom.

    But then, no less than I would expect from you Denham!

    All the best


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