Covid-19 / School Days

Carry on Covid

Almost three weeks back at school now for those of us in the Leicester region and it’s been a bit of a mixed bag. Absolutely brilliant to see the children and colleagues back at school, positivity oozing and the weather – can’t complain! The darker side of it all is the mixed and confused understanding of what is in a cough, the ever baffling concept (for some) of social distancing and the requests for exceptions to the rules. Pretty unbelievable comments at times – what hope do we have?

The start of a school year is always one where, especially the youngest, come in and catch bugs, sniff, cough, splutter as they develop their immune system. In the world of Covid though, how hard is that! Staff that are sure they are okay are being sensible, isolating, getting a test and returning when the negative results return. Very hard from a school perspective to sort the cover, maintain the bubbles and ensure the education for the children is maintained to the high standards we have. That being said, so far we have managed – just.

I’ve seen an awful lot of posts on social media lately of school leaders struggling to do their job effectively, hampered by the staffing issues that can not be avoided – if you have a symptom then the only right thing to do is isolate. The knock on effects are difficult.

The same goes the the parents of children with symptoms. A call to pick them up and miss work is a really difficult thing to manage. Again, what can they do other than deal with it and hope the employer is understanding.

The old Carry on films were full of mishaps and ridiculous situations. The consequences of Covid are the same, but no laughing matter. Anyone reading this I’d encourage you to be kind and take care of those around you. Be supportive and caring as that may be the only positive that gets so many through these near impossible, if not impossible times.

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