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Covid 2 – School 3

It is the start of another weekend and covid continues to cause upset and be a challenge for many, especially in the world of education. The stories of headteachers struggling to staff the classes is a much read event. The hit on attendance in schools; a little under a tenth absent due to symptoms they would usually fight against, but dare not. They are the hits of covid – the 2 scored for it.

When you know better, you do better.

Maya Angelou

That all considered, school is fighting back and at the moment, winning (albeit not maybe the view of all). Three weeks back now and the children are the usual resilient, positive young people that shine. Good fun, smiles and willingness to learn. That is one for schools.

I covered a class this afternoon – the first of the year for teaching. Obviously I need to be incredibly careful and we do that to be fair. Our bubble are set and we don’t take a chance as that would not be fair to others. It may sound boring, but we did a mental mathematics test. This is the norm and the usual Friday pm activity. It should have been a thirty minute activity but after the twenty minutes allowed for the twenty questions, we ran through them, marking them and then discussing the answers and how they are calculated. This is great for learning and getting similar right next time.

My style of teaching is what it is and the class seemed to enjoy it. After a little reflecting and feedback, they aid they had learnt a few things in the previous hour and was specific. That for me was affirmation it worked and was time well spent. Friday pm and serious mathematics. The children enjoyed it – time not wasted. That is two for schools.

Friday’s club for me is a Year 5/6 football club. Socially distanced and following the rules – FA and school. 18 children present today and some good learning. A few are getting used to my clear, direct expectations. All finished with some good 5 a-side games and all in the sun. The usual competitive nature of a few and no sign of covid fear anywhere. That is 2-3 to school against covid.

All said and done, we must continue to be careful and protect the children (and staff). The start of the week saw the closing of a class due to a positive case. All fine fortunately and tight procedures contained the issue. Learning goes on and regardless, we teach what is appropriate.

As stated at the start, it is the weekend. Take care and take some time for yourselves, whatever you do. Life is precious – don’t take it for granted.

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