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Lock It Down

The end of the half term break is almost upon us and we prepare to return to school. It has gone quite well over the half term since summer but sadly, Covid19 cases have risen nationally so it means a lockdown for all. As a school leader it kind of means carry on for me and colleagues as, in my opinion rightly, Schools are staying open. That may come up against opposing views but we are all entitled to them – even those as bonkers as the guy on Radio 5 last week stating that Covid19 is a sham.

Getting down to Lyme Regis in the Campervan was certainly a welcome break and change of scenery. The weather wasn’t the best but the day fossil hunting was kind with the weather and Dan certainly enjoyed it. I must state that the cafe on the front selling pasties – absolutely beautiful. Sorry I can’t recall the name of it but right on the front. During the week we got in a couple of walks, one roughly 8 miles and a fair few steps. Getting out and about is good and as long as you’re dressed appropriately, the rain is quite refreshing.

Football this morning in the rain though wasn’t quite so refreshing. It was near torrential and not greatly productive. That is no criticism of the session, but the weather just turned for the worst and made it far from enjoyable for the team. Nevertheless, they got on and had a go. With the impending lockdown, these opportunities to play, train, get wet and be together should be valued – in a couple of weeks I well imagine that most would happily be out in the rain training or playing.

The lockdown is going to be a struggle for some, once again. I do understand the difficulties of making a decision; the choices are limited and as stated by one of the scientists, all have negative consequences. it is easy for us at home, watching and criticising with an opinion that won’t be judged, to fully understand and if we are honest, make a decision that will no matter what, not work or suit all. I suppose it is a bit like running a school where we make decisions every day – so many in fact – that are informed and work quite well, but not one that suits absolutely everybody. There are times in all walks of life that that is just the way it is.

So tomorrow’s grassroots game of football will be the last for a few weeks. Tomorrow’s tennis lesson likewise, will be Dan’s last for a few weeks. To the many that will be missing what you enjoy for the next few weeks, hold tight to the knowledge that it will return and the lockdown won’t last forever.

Even so, not really understanding why golf can’t continue. It is outdoors and can easily be played in line with the regulations for others.

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