Covid-19 / School Days

All in a Day 4

Highlight of the day – getting a text back from my dad who is in hospital. Been a couple of days and without being able to visit, it isn’t nice. Glad he appears to be feeling a bit better.

When your day seems to have a few hours spare in it, you do feel positive but I should know better by now – it never works out like that. That said though, there were a few meetings today that were really positive. The first was an impromptu chat with a parent. Lots of lovely things said and albeit informal, the feedback is very well received. In most meetings, the discussions are always focussed on what is best for the children and the fact we, the teaching profession, work in partnership with the parents. Why on earth would it be any different? As mentioned, the parents know that, hence the positive feedback.

A little later in the day another meeting was had and again it was positive. A visit from a colleague, sharing a vision and the work to be done to get there. It was great again to be talking positively and having others as determined for continual improvement.

As the day drew to a close, talk of assessments and outcomes for 2020. I thought we weren’t doing that, but never mind. We always need to measure something, don’t we! A good discussion followed though, understanding the figures, targets and outlook. I personally think the overriding target is to remain open and safe.

So another day done. A busy one with more in it than what I’ve shared. Granted, not that interesting.

Stay safe one and all out there in Covid affected lands. Keep your distance, walk slower and be patient.

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