Covid-19 / School Days

All in a Day 5

It’s getting close to the end of another day and whilst the surroundings may be different the work doesn’t stop. There’s been a bit of catching up today with some bits but also being sure to take some time and rest a little, not feeling great but not having any symptoms related to Covid. I should be grateful that I only ever feel like this once every four or five years and I can get on and do what’s needed remotely.

The big piece of news of the day is the expectation that schools help with track and trace over the Christmas period. I did hear about this a few days ago and it was one of those pieces of news that makes you chuckle – yet again the very people that they’re expecting to carry this out, hear about it after so many others, with those that sit in their ivory towers thinking they have an idea of what it’s like on the ground; quite clearly they haven’t got a clue. That being said in some schools the task isn’t a great one. The communication however is appalling and will confuse parents when they hear of some schools shutting, other staying open and if we’re honest, the total disregard for social distance and following the guidelines probably means we won’t hear of any cases anyway.

I’m now drinking my third Lemsip of the day, having written a profile of myself for a trust initiative; shared the wonders of green screen with other schools. I met a colleague at the other side of the country and discussed what’s great and could be developed with regards IT and remote learning; and had a really good clear out of my desktop.

As I look back so far on our return to school at the end of August, I think the staff have done a brilliant job. The overwhelming majority of parents have been truly supportive and a great help. I do often remarked that we are partners in the delivery of the children’s education and the collaborative way that we work helps everybody. As I reflect and think what we will change, there isn’t an awful lot at the moment, if anything. We’ve made the changes as we’ve gone along and the only changes now require bigger pieces of work such as widening a path.

As always we will continue to develop and make the changes we think will be positive for our children. I hope everybody looks after themselves and are able to enjoy the upcoming Christmas break in good health and without needing to self isolate.

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