Covid-19 / School Days

All in a day 11

The end of a tiring term has arrived and time for many to take a break – a much deserved break! The autumn term is always the long one and the usual hard slog to establish the expectations, cut out the complacency and sloppiness. Add to that, Covid and the extra, no warning calls, emails and letters that go with tracking and tracing. All in education, enjoy the break.

The last day for schools will be different depending where you are. For the team and me it was a case of getting a few tasks completed: the weekly podcast, the Christmas carol concert (video edit), end of term letter, SEF update and more. At least the children enjoyed the Christmas festivities.

The rumours have always been rife in the last days of a week with the government and Covid. Fortunately for primaries there was no last minutes shocks announced (unless I missed them). If I did miss anything, ignorance is bliss. Secondaries however have a whole new set of tasks and I feel for them. To administer tests is a concern in itself, bearing in mind they are teachers, not trained doctors nor nurses.

So the holidays start and on the list to do is… not much! Films, chilling, games and maybe a glass of wine. I’ll aim to get the 1700 emails down to 800. A few runs also, getting the fitness back would be good. Whatever the Christmas period brings, it will be respectful of the guidance and a time to recoup.

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