Covid-19 / Days Off

All in a Day 12

So it’s the 23rd of December and people are doing the final bits for Christmas, I suspect. A very different Christmas where we will stay at home – which for some is a great benefit and for others must be a lonely affair. If nothing else this Christmas, take time to reflect and value the people around you and those things that so many take for granted.

Usually at Christmas on this day would be either packing and sorting for a visit to see my sister in Wales or actually on the road visiting somebody in what used to be our tour of Britain. I’ve just been for a short run (and feeling the least fit I ever have) and the roads were busy with people, I presume on the way to or from the shops. This has to be the first Christmas ever that hasn’t been a mad rush for me with various people on the list to visit; pillows in the boot and various bags packed for various stopovers. It’s going to be a funny Christmas.

When you’re not allowed to visit people and shouldn’t be going and doing the things you’d usually do it’s easy to fall into a lazy routine of TV and snacks. Absolute bliss for so many people I know but it’s the sort of routine it will do your health no good. We need to get the balance right of relaxing and recuperating, but also getting out there and enjoy whatever the weather is.

One more day to go and it will be Christmas. Despite the difficulties, try to raise a glass and enjoy if nothing else, a remote linking with your loved ones.

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