Covid-19 / Days Off

Covid Fears

The day draws to a close on what for many across the country is the last day of the Christmas break. Schools return on Monday for the majority and like the late blow to Everton in a drab match, a late u- turn on primary schools in London announced. Some schools will have planned to had children back on Monday whilst many others on the Tuesday. For those in power to dither and divert so much is not reassuring at all and suggests they are guessing. I’ve said before, difficult decisions need making, using evidence. The issue I suspect is decisions are being made for the wrong reasons, understandable as the concerns are.

So Covid19 is transmitting more. We are mostly all in Tier 4 so pretty much lockdown. Primary schools everywhere but London are physically back next week. Worth noting that it is not an extended break – work will (or should) be set remotely as best schools can. Children should be catered for but remote learning is limited and is a big challenge for parents at home with them. It is also a challenge for school staff who would rather they were back at school, free from Covid and able to do what they enjoy and are committed to.

On this last weekend before the return, I fear there are so many school leaders now planning the required provision for the return. Many will have a school training day on Monday which is possibly now going to be a remote learning preparation day. There will be schools not quite with the confidence of the remote learning options. There will be, for certain, many staff not confident in their own skills of teaching remotely – many will be – but some won’t. There will also be school leaders waiting for a new directive, another u-turn or area where rates are similar to those that should, if all is equal, have the same delayed return as London schools.

The start of the new year propels many into setting g to be a aims. Dry January, getting fit or something else. We shouldn’t use the new year as a reason to better ourselves but there is nothing wrong with using it to inspire us – either way, it is a positive. I like running so I started the year with a run. A 6km gentle jog around the local area. It was a bit of a dull day and very light drizzle. Once out though you don’t notice it and feel better for doing something. As such, I encourage all to go do something. 2021 for us is going to be a year of sorting, decluttering and being ruthless. We have so many bits that we never use. Let’s see if we manage it.

Whatever your aims and intentions for the year ahead, go for it and don’t let Covid ruin your resolve. Be sensible, safe and follow the rules.

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