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It Will End In Tiers

Many posts with different titles and many titles undeserved – no, still no knighthood for me though. That aside, another day draws to a close and much frustration across the country, divided by Covid yet united (maybe) by Brexit. What do you think? Many more areas now in Tier 4 and other up to Tier 3. My son suggested we move up north to the most northern parts of Scotland; I suggested we don’t, but given the opportunity, worth a look.

The difficult thing about his pandemic is, it is not easy. I said back in March that the government has a hard task with this: no easy answers; different opinions; the unknown, even more so then. My son is really into his science at the moment and reading about the body, organisms, viruses… Asking all about body parts and reproduction was an eye-opener but maturely taken! We all learn about it at some point but such is the interest in science, now is the time and the similarities and comparisons with other living creatures and plants makes is quite simple. Back to covid, viruses are amazing, complicated yet somewhat simple in that we know they adapt/mutate. Why is it them we we go all around the house and dither over what I think should be some pretty simple communication? What is wrong with being honest and stating the obvious – schools as much as possible need to stay open to protect the economy? And I mean seriously protect the economy. They are not 100% safe and free from Covid. If they were I suggest we extend every one of them and we all move in – just open the windows and face the front and the job’s a ‘gud un’.

Whilst we knew the announcement was coming, it was still a blow to hear, yet understandably made. So many people that we think are fine but are not, are now back to being isolated in the true sense of the meaning. I’m not talking about those that can’t physically mix but are fine; I’m talking those that will now struggle in ways so many of us can not comprehend: it may be financially crippled or emotionally detached. It could well be those that never knew they were on the brink of suffering, surviving with the family and friends that made them safe, usually okay due to close connections that have been cut-off. Whatever the reason, we really need to look out for them now as what many of us knew would not be a few month thing, is being realised by so many more now.

Back to the school thing… I get the need for closures, remaining open and different restrictions. I understand the fact a line needs drawing (a border) where tiers are put in place. I don’t however get the lack of communication. When up in Hull, working in partnership with the Sewell Group always reaffirmed the need for great communication. Organisations where the leaders showed up and your do more than what is expected. I guess that has stood me in good stead (and the fact that was the expectation of my parents too – honesty). I’m pretty sure the whole country gets this pandemic is horrible and hard – aside the minority that think it is a conspiracy. All we ask is that people be honest, up front and respectful. Engage with us and stop spouting off political rubbish that dodges questions, disregards real knowledge and experience.

I do believe, to be transparent and honest, schools can be ‘reasonably safe’ and they are the best place for our children. It does vary and there are certainly no guarantees though. Everybody is responsible and whilst the country have a go at people making difficult decisions, just check yours of late. So many have made the right ones but many others have disregarded theirs and the safety of others over Christmas , yet expect all to be good. We must all do our bit, no matter how difficult. Those on teaching will will do their bit and more. Be honest with them though.

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