Covid-19 / School Days

Return of the Lockdown

It was coming. It was wanted due to the current situation. It was refused repeatedly, until shortly after 20:00 on 4th Jan 21. The country is back in a National Lockdown and times are difficult. One piece of hope – the vaccine.

Many parents will now be trying to figure out how they are going to manage, not only with the pressure of children at home for long periods and with nowhere to go, but also the disruption to work, reduction in income and all that goes with it. If you do nothing else, look out for each other and help where you can.

School staff will be adapting plans, maybe even throwing a whole set of plans in then bin to start again for remote, live and blended learning. This is also challenging, for some more than others. In doing so, do not forget the important piece about well-being, mental health and the difficulties that come from very limited interaction.

As hard as it is, in five weeks time when this lockdown will be reviewed and we are hopefully nearing the end of it, the vaccine I would expect will be well into its rollout and when you think about it, five weeks is doable. Hard, but doable. Hang in there and connect with people for both them and you.

Be safe.

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