Covid-19 / School Days

Lockdown 3 – Remote Learning 4

Forth day of remote learning in this third lockdown completed. Since the announcement of lockdown number 3 just over a week ago, understandably, many have been working very hard to put in many cases, well planned and effective remote learning for the children.

It has been great and extremely reassuring to see staff working with continued professionalism and a determination to make the best of a very difficult situation. Across the school, staff are leading live sessions with Google Meet, with children both at home and at school engaged in activities as close to what they would if all were at school. that is no easy task but they are making it happen. It is early days but with a positive attitude and the acceptance that things won’t always work, success is always within reach.

The most difficult part is sometimes being unable to help those that need it and hearing how some have their priorities wrong. I appreciate that this is just an opinion but some are too concerned with looking to be better than others and having a perfect system in place. This to me is wrong for two reasons: expecting perfection or all to be really good so soon, stifles creativity and real progress; and so many are struggling in ways we do not know. What we can do about these are issues are tough, but should be explored.

Much of the last couple of days has been supportive for me. Checking processes and sharing ideas – I’ve always believed we should share ideas and move forward together, not alone to selfishly get ahead. I’m competitive in many ways, but not in the education of our children. I’m keen over the next few days to explore ways of supporting more, including those beyond my direct remit. Why not?

Away from school over the last two days not a great deal has been achieved, other than the win for Everton. I managed to get out and run at the weekend but that was too long ago. We should all ensure we get out in a safe and sensible way, to get some fresh air.

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