Covid-19 / School Days

Remote Learning – Day 5

Fifth day back at school with remote learning. Out of interest I think I’ll count the school days since the start of it all on the 23 March. Any ideas? It’s been a really busy one.

The day started looking over some work that we need to do so that we can let our parents know what we are providing for them. These kind of documents are all very well but so many of our parents already know – good communication ensures this. I do appreciate though that this needs to be done. This work on remote learning and platforms is exciting and it’s something that should be available in all schools.

Some say it is more work and a hard task, preparing this and supporting colleagues both where you work and in any school has so many rewards. I’m not talking about the rewards of a monetary value or recognition; I’m talking about that great feeling you have when something wonderful has been achieved and you can see others benefiting – their well-being.

Working in a school, even with now less than 70 children in it (usually over 400), the very rare venture into a classroom and seeing great live lessons; with children at home and at school; with chat being used efficiently is so uplifting. We should not be, schools should not be, using this pandemic to the lower the expectations and the quality of provision. I know there will be many that have issue with my view on this but we need to adapt and do what is possible – no excuses.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


It was an extremely busy day with a virtual tour for a prospective parent, supporting colleagues and planning the next steps. There are no prizes for being early or staying late. On occasions we need to do it to get back on top. but for the miserable weather, I’ve got out and gone for a run to reclaim some sanity but that will have to wait until tomorrow, time permitting.

Whatever your current situation make sure you look after yourself. Help others if you can whether it be with your professional expertise or a sincere smile behind the mask. as I looked out of the window supporting others, I caught a kite gliding above the tree. Take these moments and despite the pandemic, we’re on a beautiful planet.

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